Higher Power

Higher Powered – Tapping Into the Current

Steer clear of two topics, they warned us – Religion and Politics. Too edgy, and not the easiest to navigate in mixed company. But what are we afraid of, exactly? Life is edgy right now – people are stressed with the state of the world. Trying to stay healthy while navigating new norms in life, […]

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A Simple Happiness Hack

Happiness can be so many things: self-care, time with loved ones, gardening, watching the waves at the beach… But today I have one simple happiness hack for you that works – and fast! Go with this for a minute: make a big toothy Cheshire Cat kind of grin and hold it while you are reading […]

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Needy Isn’t a Bad Word: How to Ask For (and Get!) What You Need

Whether it’s in the world of intimate relationships or business – heck, any relationship in your life – the word NEEDY can get a bad rap. But needy isn’t a bad word. Research shows that women in particular tend to shy away from conversations around asking for what they want or need because they don’t […]

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Healthy Selfishness Can Make You Happy

“Selfish” is such an uninviting idea – and when it’s self-directed, even more so. Thoughts of narcissists, the self-absorbed, overly regimented kinds of folks come to mind when we hear selfish. In part this is a cultural norm: we’ve learned that to be selfish is to detrimentally put others last. But what if what we’ve […]

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Schedule Your Success: Intentional Time Management

Intentional time management: it’s creating good habits by intentionally scheduling your day, and is the number one, simple way to find extra time, and work smarter, not harder. The key is intention otherwise, it’s fantasy time management and you’re at the mercy of other’s needs and, well…luck. With intention comes choice. You get to decide. […]

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The Buck Stops Here: How Your Control Impacts Your Success

We’ve all heard it: The Buck Stops Here. But would it blow your mind to know that it starts here too? Your control impacts success! What does that mean? It means you have all of the control and power right inside you that you need to have the life you want! You can start right […]

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Are You On Your List? Self-Care Through The Holidays.

It’s the MOST wonderful tiiiiiime of the year! We’re busy making lists, checking them twice, socializing and enjoying… we’re VERY busy doing, doing, doing! Many of us go into over-drive making sure this IS (so-help-me-god!) the very most wonderful time of the year – for everyone else. But are YOU on your list? When we […]

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Cooking Up Lasting Happiness – A Fool Proof Recipe

Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions. – Dalai Lama Lasting happiness (along with success) is one of the most sought after feelings in our culture. Drama, negativity, and criticism are easy to find, so much so that the road to lasting happiness often feels elusive, and far-reaching… or fleeting at […]

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Why Feeling Bad is Oh-So Good

Have you noticed just how much Americans seek out happiness? It’s a bit of a relentless quest to feel good and content. There are a million different philosophies and self-help books about just how to get there (positive thinking, attitude of gratitude, daily affirmations, vision boards, meditation…) and there’s truth there. But this feverish search […]

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Make Friends With Your Fear: How That Scaredy-Cat In Your Head Can Be Your Happy BFF

We are so afraid of the unknown – pregnancy (or the child birth part), skydiving, driving narrow and winding roads, big promotions, and first days at school, (go ahead and insert your particular fear here). It’s the newness that makes it all feel daunting. It’s the what-if-I-fail, the what-if-this-all-goes-horribly-wrong of it all that gets our […]

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