Hey! I'm Sherrie...

​born dreamer, therapist, task ninja, and dog mom.


​When I was a kid I wanted to be the first woman President of the United States. (Never mind that I was born in England!) Though I had big aspirations, childhood was challenging. I was born with a congenital birth defect that made it near impossible to walk. It took a long time to diagnose, and even longer to correct.

I used my experience to strengthen my sixth sense of people – it was helpful to know if a doctor was kind or not. My disability also made me resourceful. I wanted to roller skate so I found a way! Through it all my parents’ message to me was clear: There is always a way. I’ve held that message close ever since and learned to dream big!

But that’s only half the story.

Growing up, I used to watch my mom struggle with being “stuck”. She was born into war and a culture that taught her to be small and quiet. She always believed in my ability to find a way, but she never had the confidence to believe that for herself.

"Everyone has the ability to live the life they want.
There is always a way. We just need someone who can help us find the path."

The good news is, you already have a map. You might not know you have it. It may be crumpled up in your pocket. You may not be in the habit of using it. You might be missing the map key which would help you decode all the symbols, but that room you feel stuck in, with the walls you keep bumping into – it actually has a whole bunch of windows and doors.

My mission is to help you use that map to find the windows and doors so you can step through. Easily. No demolition crew required. 

I’ve been a licensed therapist specializing in trauma and family systems for 25 years, but what I do now is even better. Not only do I honor, normalize, and support your growth like a therapist, but as a coach. I teach you immediately helpful techniques for finding and moving toward those windows and doors. You get the benefits of therapy with the practical tools to actually make your life better.

It makes me profoundly sad and frustrated to watch people who want to move forward, suffer with being stuck. Because I know there’s a way and I know you have strength you’re not tapping into. Everything in my own life has taught me that.

So here’s what I want to say to you:

Whatever it is you want - to go back to school, start a business, find love, take a risk - you can do it. There is a way. And, like the ninja I am, I will work as hard as you do to move yourself forward.


I love finding effective shortcuts in life! I joke that my spirit animal is the sloth because doing as much as I can in as few moves as possible is fun and rewarding.

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As a dog-mom, I’d rather lay awake with a horrible kink in my neck than disturb a pup sleeping next to me. I have 3 dogs, so I often turn myself into a pretzel to let sleeping dogs lie.

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My favorite movies are end-of-the-world stories - probably because they’re so big and wild, and they bring out the best in everybody.

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Hockey is my favorite sport to watch. It’s fast-paced and it’s pretty much two sports in one. I like to say it’s like basketball on roller skates... but unlike baseball, it has a definite end!

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I’ve always loved cheering! My disability kept me from playing sports as a kid, though lots of my friends did. So, I was always in the stands cheering my friends on. Now I’ve made a career of it!

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