Are you an entrepreneur who knows the biggest thing standing in your way is you?

If you are:

      • Overwhelmed with your never ending to-do-list
      • Frustrated with working hard and not getting the results you want
      • Anxious about generating the business and income you want
      • Stuck in procrastination or perfectionism
      • Unsatisfied with your work life balance

I can help you transform stress and struggle into ease and flow.

I’m Sherrie Toews, LMFT and I work with heart centered entrepreneurs and self employed professionals, helping them do just that!

My Effortless Momentum system helps you find your perfect flow—you know, that feeling of energized focus, from a relaxed and grounded place, that has you enjoying what you do. That feeling is what makes business a pleasure and not hard work.

You will be able to:

      • Escape from overwhelm and frustration
      • Effortlessly transform life’s challenges into opportunities
      • Manage your to-do-list so you have more time for you
      • Make intuitive decisions quickly
      • Reignite your passion that had you start your business in the first place.

By getting the support you need, you can be certain that you’re focusing your energy in the right direction, towards creating the business and life of your dreams!

Creating Effortless Momentum- even in the face of stress and challenges.


"Personal growth doesn't have to be hard!" -Sherrie Toews, LMFT