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IMMEDIATELY transfrom even your most challenging obstacles into breathtaking breakthroughs! No more stopping and starting. With Access to NOW, you will have everything you need to move forward with consistent action, no matter the circumstances.

This 4-Week Program contains everything you need:

REGAIN POWER over how you react to anything life throws your way. Four live training calls include plenty of time for Q&A, so you can get clarificaion on anything you don’t understand right away.

UNLIMITED ACCESS to the training sessions so you can listen as often as you want, whenever you want and never worry about missing a call.

COMFY CHAIR COACHING is you chance to work directly with Sherrie on your specific situation and concerns, and get your questions answered. You’ll be amazed at what can be accomplished in 15 minutes.

GUIDED MEDITATIONS help deepen mastery of the tools and replace our most common limiting beliefs with empowering affirmations of who you actually are.EM Logo


Worksheets Our easy to use worksheets deepen your learning and help you stay on-track.

Inspirational/motivational tools Use these tools to keep yourself “in the flow.”

Private Facebook Group Exclusive access to our private Facebook mastermind group, where you can get immediate support, feedback and encouragement from fellow participants, graduates of Access to NOW and Sherrie herself.

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